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We are The ThreeX – Three freaky musicians!


Our trio’s story began in 2001, while we were young, beautiful and carefree enough to combine mischief with our music. Since meeting in a Polish music secondary school, we’ve been enjoying playing and performing music together. We moved to Vienna in 2007 to begin our studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts, where we were known as Das Kleine Wien Trio. Currently we are living in Vienna where we collaborate with other crazy guys such as Zoltan Kiss, Adam Rapa and Igudesman & Joo.


Now as The ThreeX, we are obliged to be even crazier and more extraordinary. We guarantee not to disappoint!

funny trio
Jacek Stolarczyk

Jacek Stolarczyk

violin, 73.6 kg, 176 cm, to be taken.

Jacek S was born in the late 80s in communist Poland. Despite the legitimate concerns of his parents - also musicians - he started to play the violin at the Music School of Bielsko-Biała. From the beginning, he busily manifested his acting talents, meticulously developed in front of the blackboard. As of today, Jacek still hasn’t learnt his multiplication tables and can only subtract using his fingers. Aside from performing in concerts, he is currently attempting to complete the studies he commenced 8 years ago. (In that time he may as well have done a medical degree!).

Due to regular and excessive hunger, Jacek often interrupts rehearsals for a quick snack.

Favorite fruit: bananas
Krzysztof Kokoszewski

Krzysztof Kokoszewski

Violin, 85.9 kg, 176 cm, married.

Krzysztof was born in East Poland (whether he denies it or not), and grew up with three brothers in a Gypsy Forest- a district of Bielsko-Biała. From an early age he was more interested in sorcery and tricks than in formal education and employment. By some miracle, Kristof managed to pass his final high school exams. Shortly afterwards, he moved with Jacek S to Western Europe to study at the Music University in Vienna.

Currently, Kristof satisfies himself by traveling and entertaining people from big cities - even paying taxes for the privilege! He is in the ‘advanced stages’ of his engagement and during his free time he ponders over names for his unborn daughters.

His motto is: “We will come up with something!”
Jacek Obstarczyk

Jacek Obstarczyk

Piano, 76.4 kg, 176 cm, taken.

Jacek O - Born in Oświęcim (aka Auschwitz), Jacek O received his first piano lessons at the tender age of seven. After meeting Jacek S and Krzysztof at Bielsko-Biała Secondary School, his behaviour declined rapidly. Currently a resident of Vienna's Turkish district, Jacek creates, composes and arranges music in the pale moonlight. A true believer, he takes part in pilgrimages, gospel music concerts and on the odd occasion even prays to the rosary. He loves sleeping and taking endless hot showers.

Most precious item- antique brown turkish leather jacket.

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