This interesting musical project was created as part of a joint concert during the 2nd Crossover Music Festival in Bielsko-Biała. Tekla Klebetnica (violin/vocals, accordion, cimbalom and double bass) combines traditional folk arts with the elements of gypsy music, classical music and jazz. The ThreeX (two violins and piano) add elements of the entertainment world and comedic act to the mix. Such combination – based on musicians’ performing artistry and professionalism – resulted in a unique show, full of vigor and abundant in musical styles.

Ania Adamowska’s vocal parts transport the listeners to faraway music lands where they are joined by the violinists Krzysztof Kokoszewski and Jacek Stolarczyk, who bring refined humor with them. Accordionist Zygmunt Czupryn provides the harmonic foundation, while virtuoso displays are being initiated by Jenő Lisztes – a cimbalom player of Gypsy descent, who normally performs with Roby Lakatos. Jacek Obstarczyk is both the author of the arrangements and the group’s pianist.